Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Palestine on Niihau?

If any newcomer invaders to Niihau (from Palestine) are in the future, be careful.  The Military Base there will be a target for any Nuclear Powers in the region, like with Russia, China, or North Korea. 

Palestine is not yet a State near Israel. If they landed on Niihau (per Aysh Lawsuits) or other illegal means of acquisition, they would be a target since they cannot live there for a variety of reasons: No drinking water other than expensive Desalination or Reverse Osmosis technology, no Sanitation, No electricity (Generators only), No roads or networks, Unique Ecosystems, and other factors.

They must believe that Niihau has the other items on M7's Estate lists.  In fact, nothing is on Niihau other than wayward cattle and goats from a now-closed Ranch, wild boars, less trees, and pollution.  The only reason Aysh Family wants Niihau is due to Envy and OCD - they have always been envious (psychotically Envious) about M7, even in childhood, for no clear reason besides their delusions of grandeur and feelings of persecution after one of their sons was killed in Summer 1999.  If they knew what actually was on Niihau they would reject it.  However lawsuits are the American way, and they believe they can "sue the world" with their baseless lies, (as depicted in Chapter 19 of Eye of the Pharaoh, c.1990).  They are currently planning to "sue the CIA" for misinformation about M7-UEIR in the amount of "$800M USD" according to their Matriarch yesterday.

Niihau would make an ideal Necropolis for the UEIR, or M7's "Kheriheb Priest" / Temple business. The sand dunes already contain unmarked burial sites, rendering it impossible to build there until relocated.  Or a golf course.  Whichever.

c. M7-UEIR Akua Niihau 2015.


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