Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Finding Queen Ankhesenamon...again.

Finding Queen Ankhesenamon
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Before Traveling Back in Time via the Time Tunnel near Duat/EM7:

My first life of MJC actually found the Tomb of Queen Ankhesenamon in Egypt. I entered through a corner of the ceiling, not the front door or any mural wall.  A woman who accompanied me asked, “Do you think she would approve?”  The “She” was Queen Ankhesenamon, the wife of Tutankhamon, Son of Ra.  Since then I reincarnated into the same body and restarted, this time having been born on Howard Carter’s birthday.  It is interesting that Howard Carter only found part of the tomb, that was available to him.  Perhaps Archaeologists will find the rest of it?  Today January 31, 2018 scanning of the tomb KV62 is until next week.

Dr. Zahi Hawass is also looking for her tomb, elsewhere, as he said of KV63/KV64.  I only wrote about it in my novel (The Flawed Emerald ©1995) which he read.

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