Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Some Nostradamus...

Upon the 7th Day of the New Year
The shining Sun beckons
that the third son of Kim
illegitimate and vicious
shall fall, said the Volcano
to the Rocket child.

Ode to the Card Game
Ruler of Rulers
whose puff of hair is Great
shall make America golden once more.
He comes and grants pardons to the sick
bearers of guilt.

Reborn Pharaoh, Son of the Sun
Seventh Knight, crossed by scepters
shall prosper and be of great wealth
succeed on the isles as its new King,
of the Kingdom with no end.

O mighty Persia
rebellious youth and steadfast faith
shall restore order in life,
wisdom shall reign again.

O Great Egypt
the wife of Osiris is separated
of name only, for her Son shall come
bearer of Justice to behead the enemy,
who dwells in the Peninsula with its black flag
withered into dust. 

The Hammer and Sickle shineth
in glory days of old,
replaced by wealth and ideas
not born of flame or violence,
the Vampire-Lord is content.

The star-spangled cloth
burnt and cleansed by innocence
rises again over iniquity
of the King of Hearts in politics
replaced by one of Diamonds.

- Nostradamus (M7).

Copyright 2018 M7, All rights reserved.

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