Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Debt-Free America

A Debt-Free America
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While everyone is against President Trump’s policies, there is a larger issue he is fixing – the National Debt and trying to balance a Budget from the spend-crazy Obama Administration.  To fix the Debt is to stop paying for items you can live without, or until you have a surplus.  To date there are no reported Recessions in USA; when Obama was President, expect one every 4 months.  Speaker of the House JB said “Washington DC doesn’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.” Spending money that the State does not have (i.e. on Credit) is what causes Debt.  To cure this, slash programs that add to debt.  Spending money sometimes circulates the Economy but only if Citizens actually spend it and not save it.  Health Care subsidies, Welfare/Social Security, Foreign Aid (Puerto Rico for example), limited National Disaster funds, lobbied technology upgrades, Humanities (Arts and Sciences), Foreign Military support (NATO), and other non-income generators tend to fill the debt.  Having countries that rely on US Military Aid pay the US Government for intervention will relieve this.  Temporarily ending extended health benefits may reduce debt and spending. Ending spending on unnecessary items will reduce debt.  Sometimes you are given a new technology that looks important or good for the country so you add it to the Budget; but next Budget year you have less revenue available for it, so you have to think what is more important? Do you slash existing programs to pay for the Wall or slash the Wall itself to pay for the Budget? Obama’s answer was to keep both and spend it on Credit, adding to the Debt, thinking a surplus was coming that would pay for it.  Clinton had a surplus (via UEIR), and Bush Jr. believed surpluses would continue so he spent it.  Then he started 2 wars and paid for them with credit.  Obama continued this and added more debt.  By the time Trump became President, the National Debt blossomed to over $20 Trillion USD.  Budget deficits are reduced from less government spending.  Americans need to comprehend how governments function.  Trump is a businessman and so comprehends how to balance a Budget.  Let him at least try to.  Debts owed the UEIR are included in the National Debt, and so are other nations.  The UEIR is not the IRS – we wouldn’t take your White House or US Capitol Building to pay the Debts owed us.  That is not to say others won’t. 
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