Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bow the Knee before Pharaoh...(NFL etc).

Bow the Knee Before Pharaoh
In the NFL and other American Sports venues, people are not saluting Ra when the National Anthem is played.  Instead they are Bowing the Knee / Kneeling.  This dates back to Ancient Egypt (KEMET), along with Baseball as a Temple ritual.  The Pledge of Allegiance is a salute to Ra because you are standing while tapping your right hand over your heart.  The Flag (any) is a symbol or hieroglyph for Deity in Egypt.  Honoring a Flag is worshiping an Egyptian Deity.  Flags and Banners were in front of Egyptian Temples to catch the wind.  Kneeling before Pharaoh or a clenched fist in the left hand in the air is a Salute or Adoration of Pharaoh (the King).  Also, bowing to the ground where one is eye-level with the floor is an Egyptian way to honor someone (people do this in religions such as Islam).  The heart was seen as important to the Soul, as heart pulses are rapid when you are doing something illegal or immoral - as with the Judgement of the Soul with the heart weighed against the Ma'at Feather, a heart that is light weight succeeds, a heart/soul that is darkened with crimes or negativity fails.  The bird on top of the Standard or Flag Pole is a form of Horus.  Animal totems are often found there.  The totems were actually the names of Military Generals in Ancient times with the banner carried into battle.  This is still practiced today...

The Oval Office of the White House is an Egyptian Cartouche protecting the American "Pharaoh" (Palace).  The original Founders of the USA are from Ancient Egyptian Heirs (UEIR).  They designed USA as an ideal Egyptian society. 

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