Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Holy Rain

Holy Rain
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In the New Testament, people believed that diseases were either possession by unclean spirits, or caused by them.  So when Christ goes forth to Baptize them, he is actually performing Exorcisms in order to heal them.  Hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean are Divine Intervention there to Baptize the regions from unclean spirits, such as terrorists, drug dealers, other criminals, etc. People do not normally sin when they are suffering. They are too busy taking care of themselves -- not to say looters are affected, so God missed a few? Christ was baptized in a river, whereby his soul briefly separated from him then reentered.  This was a test.  Christ was not as good as the Bible makes him -- he was even asked if he was the Devil, to which he replied, "Can Satan cast out Satan?" So before you go and judge Me with accusations that I "do not care" about the World or launch unnecessary insults to Me, think about what you are actually venerating first. 

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