Monday, September 25, 2017

From Gods to Superheroes - The Evolution of Faith

From Gods to Superheroes: The Evolution of Faith
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          Originally the idea of supernatural people in Ancient Times formed the basis for religion in later cultures.  The idea was factual – there are supernatural people in existence (myself included), but in Ancient Times no one understood how their abilities or powers worked.  Today with advanced Sciences the abilities are visualized more psychic than divine. 
          The Greeks and Egyptians formulated rituals regarding the Divine, today the idea is found in graphic novels and comic books, films, computer games, etc.  Achilles the Greek Hero, whose only power was invincibility with a minor weakness, can be seen like Iron-Man or Spiderman.  The Viking God Thor is taken directly from the religion where it originates and placed into a comic book superhero world.  America is becoming Polytheist with superhero worship, but not in the Western religious sense.  Monotheism – which occurs in Ancient and Modern Egypt – was based on the ancient model and Astronomy.  Today Science Fiction is the basis for most superhero genre.  Take X-Men for example.  The superheroes can influence the elements (“Storm”), or Telepathy, or other advanced psychic abilities.  How much of this is based in Science?  The arena of Science Fiction is where we explore the realm of study, furthering the theoretical both as education and as entertainment.  If you are born supernatural, watching Science Fiction can educate you with how to control your abilities or perfect them.  Otherwise this is just entertainment. 

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