Sunday, September 17, 2017

O Genii of the Lamp...

Why Kheri-Heb Priests practice Magic not Funeral Directors:
I started my interest in Egyptian Kheri-Heb Magic in 1987 while in high school.  I once made our Arab Neighbors rich using a Prosperity Spell in early 1990s.  But they cannot sue the Genii if their lamp is broken.  I also learned how to manipulate gravity, energy, Earthquakes, Time, and the Weather via concentrated willpower + Emeraldium (the fiery green light inside me that I see when I am tired). I developed Telepathy, Telekinesis, Elemental and Chronokinesis from practice, experiments, and focused willpower via Kheri-Heb education.  The Prophet Moses was a Kheri-Heb Priest.  The Mummy Imhotep is also a Kheri-Heb Priest. 

Funerals were a way to earn income in Ancient Egypt; Today not as much. No one makes Mummies or builds tombs today. I do offer Afterlife Preparation in Heaven (Duat) as a service.  I wrote Books of the Dead for this.  Although not many people comprehend Ancient Egyptian system.  Christianity is Ancient Egyptian religion once translated into it. Most Kheri-Hebs practice Egyptian Magic for any purpose.  It doesn't need to be a funeral. I do charge 15% of effect for Natural Disasters that my Magic causes; in USD$ (15% of damage caused by storm).  A Super-Genius is another word for Genii (Genie, Jinn), an entity that is supernatural and can create events in Arabic folklore. 

M7 2017.


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