Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rumors and Gossip?

Don't believe rumors!

Rumor: One rumor said I am a top-secret billionaire Kheri-Heb Priest.

Truth: I am a Kheri-Heb Priest. BUT Kheri-Hebs are not billionaires because of it.

Rumor: One rumor said I LOST A BATTLE.

Truth: What Battle?

Rumor: One rumor said I am deceased.

Truth: Really? Who then is writing this?

Rumor: That I am the "Grandson of King Farouk of Egypt."

Truth: Farouk WAS exiled to Italy.  One of my parents is Italian, BUT was born here in USA.

Rumor: That I am a super-rich Billionaire.

Truth: IF I am a billionaire, why do I not spend it? Where IS it?

Rumor: That I Own Niihau or 5 Islands.

Truth: Check  Nowhere does it say that.

Rumor: That Kheri-Hebs are Funerary Directors.

Truth: Funerals were popular forms of event in Ancient Egypt, but Kheri-Hebs practice Egyptian Magic.

M7 2017.

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