Friday, June 1, 2018

Barr-ed from Free Speech in USA?

Barr-ed from Free Speech in USA

When Comedian / Actress Roseanne Barr tweeted remarks about someone and was penalized for it, she was violated by the Media.  It is not the job of the Media to punish people for misdeeds -- that is the office and role of the Courts.  Her comments were racist, she apologized.  But she was punished by the Media more than she deserved.  She was punished for expressing her Right of Free Speech, her right by the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Media is violating that right. The Media must be punished for this violation.  Other people are equally responsible for their actions, outside of the USA.  The Media does not own the USA (the UEIR does, actually).  As Pharaoh I uphold Ma'at.  I uphold Ma'at by enforcing my will according to the will of Ma'at, as a result I create what is called "Natural Disasters" to punish the living for their crimes against Ma'at, such as the Floods or Volcano eruptions in Hawaii, or other custom weather.  If the Media has a problem, ask a Judge before ruining someone else's career for expressing their AMERICAN views in an AMERICAN country.  It's not just Roseanne Barr, but many Celebrities, Actors, Actresses, Politicians, Authors, Artists, etc. that are being affected by left-wing Media Conspiracies in today's world.  If it can be fixed, fix it, otherwise leave it be.

Pharaoh M7,
United Egyptian Imperial-Republic
Kingdom of Niihau, UEIR.
Copyright 2018 M7, All rights reserved.


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