Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Forgotten Conqueror by MJC....

The Forgotten Conqueror by Michael J. Costa
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The Forgotten Conqueror and other short stories, by Michael J. Costa, Copyright 2018, All rights reserved. In this book are 3 short fiction novels by the author. The first one describes the Egyptian version of the Biblical account of the Exodus, from Amonhotep Son of Hapu (Joseph) who lived to be 110 years old, to Moses the adopted brother of Tutankhamon who he learned Magic from.  The second book is a science/historical fiction novel called Horus Neter the Avenger, about the Egyptian god Horus who lands on Earth and becomes something of a modern superhero.  The third book is the Sultan with the Handlebar Moustache, about a Curio shop owner bequeathing his store of magical items to an unemployed Egyptian and the events leading afterwards. 

The Forgotten Conqueror
Title ID: 8521785
ISBN-13: 978-1719501873

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