Monday, May 7, 2018

Common Willpower

Common Willpower
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What do Constantine the Great, King Ahmose, the Prophet Mohammad and Pharaoh M7 have in common?  Constantine prayed to Jesus Christ before a battle for victory.  Ahmose prayed to AmonRa before removing the Hyksos from Egypt.  Mohammad prayed to Allah for victory before each battle.  M7 prayed to Heaven to publish Eye of the Pharaoh.  All who did so believed the Target Audience caused the prayer to work, so each rewarded this source after success.  Actually it was caused by their Acts of Willpower (Chronokinesis) – they willed these events (and because they are the Same Person reincarnated).  Constantine the Great founded Christianity in the West.  Ahmose founded the Karnak Temple of AmonRa.  Mohammad founded Islam.  Pharaoh M7’s book was published.  

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