Monday, May 7, 2018

A cure for ID Theft

Connect your personal ID number or Social Security Account with your Bank as a Time Bank, the Gov will know how  much money you have at all times (for tax purposes), as  only one person can use the account (YOU) multiple people using the same data will be suspicious and illegal.  Time Dollars can be deducted from your account and printed at the Time Bank in case you want Cash for local purchases, foreign countries or flea markets, fuel stations, casinos, etc.  Time Dollars that are printed have an Expiration Date on them (like a QR Code), and can be decorated by the owner on digital paper.  This eliminates Tax Fraud and the IRS going after people for tax collection, and eliminates ID Theft which is common today.  Time Banks cannot be robbed.  People cannot steal your temporary paper money as it is connected to your Identity with time limit on it. 

This idea is found in my prototype country "Akualand" in the Hawaiian Islands owned by Pharaoh M7 of the UEIR.

M7 2018.

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