Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why History repeats...

Alexander the Great left India after his Army said "We've come far enough.. let's return home."  He then marched back to Babylon in the desert sands, losing several soldiers (as to insults directed at him too).  Napoleon had the same problem, but in the Snow after Russia decided to burn their farmland rather than have him use it to refuel his troops and conquer Russia.  Caesar invaded Gaul and made it his Province.  Napoleon ran France which was formerly Gaul in Roman times, and became King of Italy (Naples) to make up for crowning Caesar.  President Jack Kennedy's White House decor was French Empire (his wife was of French ancestry), and his personal image was as King Arthur, whom was a version of Alexander the Great (cutting the Gordian Knot to rule Asia was the same idea as pulling Excalibur sword from the Stone to become King of England; JFK was Irish).  Caesar and Kennedy were both killed by assassins, Napoleon had an attempt in a carriage, while JFK was shot in one.  All of these are from my past lives; the past influences the future.  To know the Future is to know one's self.  

M7 2018.

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