Friday, May 11, 2018

Time vs Action

The War on the Arabic Terrorist States from Eye of the Pharaoh, when read, caused the War against the Islamic State of Iraq/Syria in 2014 - 24 years after the book was completed.  Al Qaeda attacked USA in 2001 - a decade after the book was completed - on Coptic New Year's Day.  The Caliphate calls itself ISIS - as in the Egyptian Goddess Isis.  Both Coptic and Isis are Ancient Egyptian (Coptic uses AE language).  The UEIR is Ancient Egyptian; it is founded AFTER the War in Chapter 20.  It is semi-democratic like the Arab Spring Revolution of 2011, which happened 2 weeks AFTER Dr. Zahi Hawass, an Egyptologist, decided to look for Queen Ankhesenamon's tomb in Egypt (KV63 or KV64) also in the Chapter 20.  He is currently searching for it.  The Egyptian Army took over Egypt in 2014 after M7's blog post was written to that effect, replacing the Muslim Bros. President who threatened Ancient Egyptian monuments.  

M7 2018.

Truth doesn't Lie.


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