Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tut Tomb findings inconclusive

Recent news says "there are no hidden rooms in Tutankhamon's tomb" but they didn't say if other tombs are not underground or near it, just that the walls are solidEye of the Pharaoh said that "Ankhesenamon's tomb is in the Valley of the Queens" or near this location, not in the Valley of the Kings as suggested by Dr. Reeves!  Tut, Tut, Dr. Reeves.  One wonders if Tut is angry at Dr. Zahi Hawass for searching for her tomb?  Floods in Egypt, volcano eruptions, world climate disasters, etc. all happening now after  he said he is "excavating her tomb" in the "Valley of Monkeys." The same happened in 2011 when he said he is looking for her tomb, then the Arab Spring Revolution started.  The tomb mentioned in my book was further away from KV62. The other books are just theories (KV62B for example) based on Modern Egyptology.  

MC 2018.

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