Monday, February 18, 2013

Life after this one

The general process is:

1.  you are born on Earth, you live, and you die here.
2. then you are escorted to the Court of the double Ma'at in Duat to be judged by Osiris-Ra (the Supreme and Eternal Pharaoh of the Otherworld and the living on Earth) before moving on.
3.  Some people do not make it this far, and fall into the surrounding Abyss, whose bottom is lava.
4.  In Duat, assuming you are successful, you become a new person, have a job, have a home (one will be assigned to you, unless you knew a Kheri-Heb Priest on Earth and he drew up plans for a mansion in Duat), and entertainment (Duat has movies and computers).
5.  Occupations in Duat range from farming to technology, partly based on earthly occupations.
6.  If for some reason you failed judgement before S7 Osiris Ra, then there is the Abyss or what people call Hell (slow punishment).
7.  Horus (M7) leads the victorious to their afterlife in Duat.
8.  Both Horus (M7) and Osiris-Ra (S7) are separate offices.
9.  your actions from your life are what is judged.  if you live a good life, you have a good outcome; and vice verse.
10.  People from Duat communicate with the living in influenced dreams, visions, apparition visits, etc.  some have cell phones.
11.  Osiris-Ra mostly is on Earth overseeing this process, and visits Duat in sleep while on Earth.
12.  Idle spirits in Duat become Workers (Shabtis).
13.  A tomb is a physical form of a book of the dead.
14.  Only a qualified Kheriheb can grant you access to the Otherworld (KH are equivalent of Christ).

M7 2013.

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