Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Drama of Life

In Ancient Egypt, religious ceremonies took the form of Dramatic Performances similar to Greek Theater.  A Kheri-Heb Priest was their form of Film Director.  Other Priests were essentially Actors, performing a role while wearing a Mask or Costume, and reading lines from a text.  The ceremony was performed in the Temples to an audience of "worshipers."  Idols are a form of Award (i.e. Academy Awards) given to the Priest for his work.  Some statues were given offerings by the people, as offerings were both a form of Tax and revenue for the play.  Funerary plays included the Lamentation of Isis & Nephthys, the Death and Resurrection of Osiris, the Battles of Horus and Seth, etc.  Other plays served other reasons. 

My ceremonies I conducted in the 1990s were similar.  I have no other priests so I did everything myself; in place of costumes or masks I used Letterhead and Identities; along with my Magical FX using Chronokinesis.  I am a KheriHeb Master.  This serves as an area of study in my profession as Archaeologist & Egyptologist. 

M7 2013.

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