Sunday, February 10, 2013

Word proof myself?

There is a common trend for those with Chronokinesis: That is to Word-proof one's self. 


Whenever I am full of CK-E (Chronokinetic Energy) I tend to wander about and look at words in my environment, words that are potential action-verbs (words that cause events, like "revenge" or "storms"; these words caused events recently - one "revenge" caused a LAPD officer to go berserk, and "storm" did something to the NE USA). 

So to prevent unnecessary problems, I have to Word Proof my environment; like bullet-proof prevents damage, so as Word Proof prevents events. 

If I have to cover existing negative outcome words with positive ones ("love" - just in time for Valentines' Day) then this is necessary.  Visualization also does something.  I have to place images of desired actions in my presence ("money" or "gold coins" imagery) for positive events ("peace") or use hieroglyphs on blogs.

CK-E is dangerous and works on my repeated thought commands.  This effect is the end result of overusing magical effect or prayer effect in common language; and an over active mind with CK-E.

Also playing violent computer games with CK-E since 2008 has contributed to events on CNN that are related to what I experience in the game.  IF City-Building games would reappear; or if my use of Nation-States influences Cities, I can influence surrounding Cities better. 

Mostly violence and money-related crimes are current, and appear in the computer game I play while projecting CK-E.  In 2000-2005 I played City Building games and in mid 1990s.  These caused the Budget Surpluses of Clinton and early G W Bush, reduced crime, and influenced trade and the housing markets. 

M7 2013.

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