Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Ratings Police...

I know many authors have experienced ratings of "one star" from some unscrupulous people on, who go out of their way and rate books, many of which were not even read fully or completely or too fast to form an HONEST OPINION.  Then they smear the authors with inglorious smut comments that do not reflect the work as a whole, so as to destroy any future of that author. Some authors (like myself) feel depressive suicidal thoughts of complete worthlessness afterwards, then gain inspiration from watching the Academy Awards later in the day... Some reviewers should attempt to write a book themselves so I can give them a "one star rating" and a well-deserved BIRD.

Ignore ratings and reviews.   
Focus on formulating your OWN OPINION and not rely on some half-wit bent on revenge for authors smarter than them.  

-Mike Costa, 2013.

Examples I found:

1.0 out of 5 stars 10 Reasons Why There's 1 Star., January 28, 2013
Enchantress -
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Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: On Chronokinetic Time Magic: By the Crowned and Conquering Child (Paperback)

This was the worst book I ever order from Amazon. I felt so cheated and duped out of my money after reading this book, which didn't take long because 1. The majority of the pages have a little drawing at the top and the rest of the page is blank. It's a waste of paper. The author said he wrote it like that so there are no magickal accidents, you know, no clashes and stuff. 2. Its about Egypt. There are glyphs with no interpretation of what they mean. Only a few are explained. 3. There are no real Steps on how to perform Chronkinesis. 4. It doesn't talk enough about time. Only a few pages 8 or 9. 5. It talks about JFK being this Pharoh in another life who came back with a curse on his family and the curse is any Kennedy to take office will be seriously maimed or worse. The author even mentioned JFK didnt want his older brother to return from WWII so that he, JFK could be president. What his brother not returning had anything to do with him running for office I dont know because this is a democracy. I could see if JFK was next in line for the crown, a throne. 6. He mentions Nostradamus and that he never predicted anything. He used Chronokinesis in written form and caused events to happen by will. 7. His psychic battery has no info on how to create it, charge it and use it. 8. Chapter 3 is 2 pages(17-18). 9. Chp. 2 has the Interesting info, the only interesting info, but it isn't explained how to do it because there are no steps. 10. In all I'd have a better chance learning about Chronkinesis surfing the web. I finished this book about time in no time and went straight to Amazon and requested a return and refund. I felt so cheated an duped out of my money. Real chronkinesis won't be found within the pages of this book. The author has another book on time. I won't be buying it that's for sure. I felt tricked and cheated.


Aegyptus Cryogenta:

 1.0 out of 5 stars Utterly utterly terrible, July 1, 2011
Vercalos - See all my reviews
This review is from: Aegyptus Cryogenta (Hardcover)
I've not bothered reading the entire novel. The excerpts I've read were enough to convince me this author is not worth reading. The writing is terrible. The grammar is juvenile, and the prose tries to be purple, but flies way off the mark and ends up chartreuse. Save your money. For the price of one copy of this terrible book, you can get two different books of much better quality, if you go and choose just about any other author who's works are available on Amazon.

Neither rater read my books completely or correctly.
Enchantress rated Wiccan products and 3 of them she gave low ratings.  Vercalos rated another product also with 1 star (an obvious spammer).  Enchantress did not comprehend what I wrote (it was a Magic Spell book) so she made egghead remarks for her elementary school education level.
The other book (AE) I wrote in 1992 and then stopped until I finished it in 1998 due to medical reasons.  I feared I would not complete that book, so it has a rift in the middle of it in the storyline.  My medical issues included mental illnesses I acquired in the mid 1990s, and 2 suicide attempts. 
So keep that in mind if you decide to buy or read it. 


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