Monday, November 13, 2017

A republic of Kings

Redress: UEIR Gov. 2017.

1. In Summer 1992 the USA Gov. was making hostile comments to the UEIR, specifically to Sultan Marcaesar calling him the "Sultan of the Status Quo", and calling Seponal (Caesar) a "dictator and tyrant."  The UEIR responded with Environmental Manipulation (Weather; Hurricanes) and regime change in USA. 
2. On January 20, 1993 the USA Surrendered to "the Supreme, the Eternal, Sovereign Lord.." on television during the Inauguration of Pres. Bill Clinton.
3. The UEIR started ownership of USA since then (Classified top secret). 
4. The USA Gov. was informed to advertise for the UEIR using Consul M7's letterhead designs and other documents.
5. In July 2000 the UEIR acquired Niihau Island.  Other properties exist afterwards. The purpose is to build our country (UEIR), and this is not personal property of one person as is currently believed.
6. The original Seponal (Ptahkhamonra Nebkheperura II) returned to Duat, and Consul M7 became Pharaoh M7 of the Kingdom of Niihau (in Hawaii); formerly Consul of Iapana Province, UEIR, 1994-2000. 
7. Other countries were later annexed, including disputed Nations (North Korea - 1994, Iraq - 2002, Puerto Rico - 2017, etc.).
8. In 2011 the Democratic Revolution occurred in Egypt and later the Egyptian Military took over Egypt, both were caused by Pharaoh M7. Pharaoh M7 attempted to buy Egypt for $90Billion USD since then; the money was never refunded if disputed. All revenue came from UEIR Taxes.
9. The Kingdom of Niihau contains multiple islands or locations.
10. North Korea is threatening the UEIR in Hawaii. Consul M7 ordered regime change in North Korea in 1994 and 2011 by removal of their leaders.
11. The UEIR stopped sending documents in the postal service as that was for psychic experiments only.
12. Pharaoh M7 governs using supernatural abilities as he is Telepathic (etc.).

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