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Amarna Eclipse

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Amarna Eclipse
(Union of the 3* Lands)

Uniting the World with Pharaonic Magic
Authored by Horus Michael
Edition: 1.0

Egyptian Magic involved making offerings to the Deities, making them feel welcome with comments/flattery/positivity, ritually feeding/dressing/clothing/incensing the statues of the Deities like a person (unless they are incarnate as people), and upholding Ma'at by personal example of righteous conduct (upholding Law & Order, Justice, Truth, Honesty, and Stability). Other entities included Akhu (Angels), Demons (foreign Deities or evil Spirits), deified people (like Imhotep the Vizier of King Djoser, 3rd Dynasty), Ancestral Spirits, Animal Spirits, Tree Spirits, Weather Deities, Emeraldians, and other invisible forces.

Repetition, Visualization, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Elemental, Chronokinesis, Clairvoyance, Life Force/Ka Spirit/Bio-Energy, Written Magic, Divine Utterances, Words of Power/Deity Names, Inertia, Mind Control, Necromancy, Astral Projection/Travel, Psychic Dreams/Visions, Omens/Divination, Attraction, Exorcism/Baptism/Purification, Healing/resurrection, and Counter Attacks are all elements of this doctrine.

People have practiced Egyptian Magic for thousands of years, and later in disguised form as religion, as in Christianity. Jesus the Christ (QRST) said "God is Love." He used Love as his Word of Power - the Word of God, and that he is the Son of God; in Egyptian vocabulary the word Mary is the word for Love, as Jesus was the "Son of Mary." He used this word when healing people. In Egypt, the Names of Deities are Words of Power. You could read a stone tablet to unleash the power or Energy contained in the writings, pour water onto it, and drink this "energy water" to heal you. You can also immerse one's self in "energy water" to cure bodily problems. Jesus performed Baptisms/Exorcisms to heal people from "unclean spirits." Spirits were believed to be causes of disease as Germs were not yet discovered. Egyptians purified drinking water with a Natron solution. Natron is Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bi-Carbonate and Sodium Chloride (Salt). It is used primary in making Egyptian Mummies or as toothpaste, as it kills bacteria. Apply Natron to the "energy water." Most Alkaline batteries have salts in them, as one sees during a leaking battery. Bio-energy coming from the eyes/inside the head via reading a text (i.e. Wadjet Eye) activates the "energy water."

Energy has positive or negative charges. Emotions determine this. Anger & Depression are negative emotions that influence energy charges coming from your Ka Spirit. Storms are electrical and can be influenced by negative energy from one's Ka. Other events like War, Riots, Violence, Earthquakes, etc. are caused by negative energy telepathically sent. When you pray, you are sending thoughts out. Love, Happiness, Friendship, Creativity, and Compassion are positive emotions with positive energy charges. Positive Emotions causes healing and attraction; heat from Bio-Energy helps with blood circulation.

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