Wednesday, November 29, 2017

News in America - the Women's Autumn

The Sexual Conspiracy is a "leg up."  From the bottom of page 145 in Amarna Eclipse, which started this epidemic, America is firing its leaders, actors, and news people for "alleged" misconduct - not factual misconduct.  You can now be fired for "touching a woman without her permission."  Freedoms in USA are no more.  You are now Slaves to the System.  The sword swings both ways.  You can also lose your life-style by "touching Pharaoh" on Telepsi without M7's permission.  Like the Arab Spring in the 2011 Middle East -- both epidemics were caused by - you guessed it - M7's Magic Books!  Now all that is in order is Conquering North Korea.  Kim Jong-Un's sister "died last night" though no one will report it because news agencies are covering the Sexual Revolution.

M7 2017.

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