Sunday, November 26, 2017


The problem is on Earth, people worship story book characters or identify with story book characters.  Christmas is a byproduct of a story book character, originally from Ancient Egyptian sources.  Seponal is a story book character based on the author, not vice verse.  When I learned that Eye of the Pharaoh was stolen all I needed to prove is if people read it, so I identified with the character to see if that was the case.  The USA Government believes in the story.  They confiscated the royalties of the book when the author told them it was stolen property, but classified the book & author "top secret."  This is to prevent story-minded Muslim Terrorists from influencing the author, in reference to a later chapter of that book.  People in Arab countries execute people for discussing their stories in a bad light.  You have to get over that mindset. Stop killing people over stories! You are embarrassing entities of other planets or dimensions. Do you wonder why no one visibly visits this planet? They are afraid of your reactions.  They are afraid of your hostile reactions to stories. Close the Book and wake up.

M7 2017.

In addition, the validity of American Democracy is based on a "Creator" who gives "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" to the citizens.  Or allows humans to be "created equally."  Yet no Creator did so - it's all in the deluded minds of its Founders, who used the Bible to legitimize their separation from the Kingdom of England.  This does not support "Atheism" because anything with "-ism" in it is a religion, including any that "do not believe in Gods."  Real Gods preexist humanity.  You can call them Advanced Aliens.  Any religion-based human government is equally fallible in this regard. 

M7 2017.

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