Friday, December 22, 2017

New Jerusalem?

New Jerusalem?

A city based on a storybook is like Disneyland to Walt Disney's cartoons. 
Jerusalem is from the Bible.  Humans worship stories.  In Ancient Egypt they had numerous stories about their Gods and Heroes with Legends and what we moderns call Myths.  Action Figures from films and stories or computer games are modern Idols and Amulets; they are marketing the story with physical advertising - in Egypt this existed as Scarabs, Shabty figures, Models, tombs, mummies, etc.  Temples were part-school and part-theater for performance of story-based entertainment.  Today's Movie Theaters are like Temples.  You can build a Movie Theater in Jerusalem and it will be a Temple according to the Ancients. Why doesn't the people of Palestine use their brilliant imagination to build a New Story and a City called New Jerusalem instead of fighting over old used theater props?

M7 2017.

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