Wednesday, December 6, 2017

under no conditions to disseminate?

Artificial Dissemination
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Part 1: The Islamic Terrorists read the UEIR Plebeian Law Code of 1996, for ideas leading to Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.  They are aware of the USA Government’s covert marketing of the UEIR and wanted “in” on it by interruption.  This is why they chose Sept 11 (Coptic Church Christianity’s New Year’s Day, and the beginning of the Next Era) as their attack date in USA. The Crime in that Code was “Japanese Kamikaze / Arab suicide-bombers / American HERO types.”   Why USA keeps advertising “Heroes” borders on conspiracy.  

Part 2: Despite the USA’s belief in Conspiracy the terrorists did know about an “American” who knew of their plans for Global Jihad – they read illegal copies of Eye of the Pharaoh on the International Black Market AFTER I said it was stolen in 1991 (when I reported the crime in January 1994), because someone is selling it, and it’s probably THEM.  

Part 3: The terrorists know about the UEIR’s Conquest of the USA and seeing “weakness” they attacked it, just as they do in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Egypt after political movements or Foreign Government invasions happen.  

Part 4: The UEIR does not have its owed revenue partly because it is still “classified top secret” and any real estate belonging to the UEIR is partly compensation when leaked to the public by gossip.  The UEIR owns something for the foundation of the Kingdom of Osiris in Hawaii because Pharaoh M7 is the next King Kamehameha using Niihau as its symbolic capital island (The Kingdom of Niihau).  I would use the USA as this if not for the fact the islands are virgin territory compared to an overly developed USA.  Egypt is a poor choice for building anything due to layers of strata of Civilization already built.  UEIR taxes in USD exceed the trillion limit, only in USA Dollar values (not USA Dollars per se). 

Part 5: The UEIR are not associated with terrorism or conspiracies invented by dependent mutation artificial intelligence on Earth.  The UEIR or Kingdom of Osiris on Earth (i.e. the Kingdom of God) is supposed to be here according to religious and historical events.  It is written as occurring once “evil is vanquished” but this can be “any evil not all evil.”  The Islamic Caliphate falling into ruin or North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un dying of a massive heart attack would qualify.

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