Saturday, December 16, 2017

What is meant by "GOD"?

What is GOD = Genetic Organisms Designer (the Creator)?
A singular Deity?
An acronym like PTH? (Pet-Tau-Heh) / Ptah.

YHWH = The Y is "praise to" , the W is a plural number , and the 2 H's are Eternity in Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  Somehow it doesn't say a name. 

The Burning Bush in the book of Exodus in the OT/Bible is "a fire that does not consume itself."
This is active Emeraldium, the aura or essence of the Divine (all Egyptian Deities have this, and Ptah and Osiris are sometimes painted green in reference). I have this inside me and I see it when in complete darkness like a Cave or the Inner Sanctum of an Egyptian Temple, or when tired.  Emeraldians glow when resting. I am also supernatural because of it (Natural Telepath, Chronokinetic and Elemental Psychic).  Solid Emeraldium can cut Granite like a Diamond does glass.  It was used in building the Great Pyramid of Giza and Solomon's Temple, according to Mason or Rosicrucian doctrines.  IF you find any, bring this to M7.  It's not Kryptonite but it can only be used by an Emeraldian for things like healing, resurrections, manipulation of Nature, mass production, etc. 

M7 2017.

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