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The truth about Christmas

The Truth about Christmas
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Mary the Mother of Jesus may be a Vestal Virgin, not just a “Virgin.”  Vestals had to remain Chaste and Pure and getting pregnant was a crime.  So the Roman Government discovered this action and sent the Roman Satrap, King Herod, to pursue Mary and child to arrest them.  Then after Jesus is preaching the Romans discover this person is the byproduct of the Vestal Virgin Mary and seeks to arrest Jesus, not because of something Jesus did.  

Jesus lived in Egypt for his safety for a number of years, probably longer than 4 if he wanted to be safe from Rome.  So he became an Egyptian Priest.  He started out as a Purification Priest: “washing people’s feet” is the hieroglyph for purity in Egyptian language.  Then he became a Setem or KheriHeb Priest and used Carpentry toolsthe Adze, used in the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony.  He participated in funerary rituals, such as being in the Desert for 40 days (Mummification).  Sata is the Serpent in Chapter 87 of the Book of the Dead; Satan is derived from Sata.  Sata is not evil.  He impressed the priests with his knowledge in the Temple at age 12.  He healed people, raised the dead, controlled weather – all are consistent with Egyptian Priest abilities.  His titles of King of Kings, Lord of Lords are from Osiris worship in the Book of the Dead.  Other ideas are also from Egypt.  If he was crucified on a cross is questionable because the cross is the universal symbol of Death.  Pharaohs cross their arms when buried.  The word buried in Egyptian is QRST or Christ in Greek.  Jesus was born In Bethlehem in a Manger; Bethlehem means House of Bread in Hebrew  - or offerings chamber in a tomb in Egypt is the House of Bread and Beer.  A Mastaba tomb is shaped like a Manger (horse trough).  The pyramids are a star map on Earth – the 3 Wise Men are the 3 stars of Orion’s belt, on Earth this is the 3 Pyramids of Giza, Egypt that points to the Star of Christ’s birth – the Pyramid near the Mastaba where Mary gave birth to Jesus.  Jesus was named after Djed-Ka-Ra Isesi of the 5th Dynasty, Egypt.  The Holy Trinity of Christ is “Father (Ra), Son (Djed [Osiris]), and Holy Spirit (Ka).”  Jesus is spelled IESUS in Roman Latin, IESESI in Egyptian (easily becomes IESUSI).  

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