Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Paying Americas Debts with precious metals?

Paying Americas Debts with precious metals?
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A long time ago, in a Bank far, far away…

If the USA Bank did not have available gold or silver to pay a customer they substituted a Bank Note which said, “the bank will pay X Dollars to the bearer on demand..” which meant the Bank in another State or County or City would pay in gold or silver Dollars.  Since then, using gold or silver is not legal tender for debts due to Amendments to the Constitution.  So Bank Notes (i.e. Paper Money) are Credits only.  The USA National Debts are in USA Paper Money “Dollars.”  You cannot pay a debt with a debt, or paper money to pay another debt, so in order to resolve this issue you must pay the debts in precious metals or Gold and Silver coins or ingots (etc.).  Or use another Medium of Exchange equal to the amount owed in value.  First you need to repeal that Amendment.  Then USA will be debt-free.  

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