Sunday, April 15, 2018

Chapter 21 Excerpt

Eye of the Pharaoh - Chapter 21 - excerpt:
Copyright (c) Michael J. Costa 1990-1995, All rights reserved. 

        One year has passed since my inventions held a firm grip on the world's industry and technical age.  The nation of Iran recently broke free from the empire of Egypt once it acquired a substantial amount of nuclear weapons.  The thought of that didn't seem to matter, although Iran directed its interest to the USSR rather than other countries of the world.  Iran seemed to take the path of Libya when it acquired nuclear warheads from Russia.  Soon enough, World War III started to bubble from the fathoms of incompetence when my empire directed its warring attention to Iran.  Russia protected Iran, and America protected my empire.  Finally, Nuclear war was inevitable.

    I transported all furniture and items of value from the palace in the Egyptian empire to the M.C. Futura residence and the prism tomb near Thebes.  The palace was the only area not protected by the Diamond glass domes.  Although many zoos and wildlife centers were protected, nothing protected the open land of Africa.  Only those animals in the wild were subject to mutation from the radioactivity from the nuclear fallout. 
    To state what happened is simply that America and Russia were annihilated and Iran was completely flattened.  The empire still remained yet it suffered from fallout and acid rain.  Those areas protected by the domes were safe and not subject to the second- degree mutation that occurred around them.  I consider the mutation process to be second degree because of the fact that the life forms were mutated once and that was during the creation of the humans.  This second degree was slightly different in the formation of giant insects and mutant humans in the form of crossbreeds which consisted of humans and reptiles combined to form anything less than dragons. 
    My family and friends were safe within various domed cities around the world.  I slept in a sleep chamber with Ankhesenamon sleeping in her own capsule only a few feet away.  The capsules are programmed to awaken the user at a specific time whenever summoned.  We were positioned in the tomb chamber beneath the pyramid at the M.C. Futura Mansion in the Hawaiian Islands, safe from destruction.  

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