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UEIR Secrets and the Firing of Director James Comey

UEIR Secrets and the Firing of Director James Comey
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Why was FBI Director James Comey fired on May 9, 2017?

In 2004 someone in my neighborhood bribed the FBI $30,000 for “secrets” about the UEIR, which was disseminated classified top secret information.  In 2005 a neighbor discovered this information and told everyone he knew across the USA using cellular phones, the Internet, and Word of Mouth (Gossip).  In 2016 I was on a Princess Cruise out of San Francisco, CA to Panama Canal; by the conclusion of that Cruise, everyone on board was gossiping about the same information, the same secrets about the UEIR and myself.  In 2017 I complained to President Trump as I did to President Obama about this situation.  Obama sent Secret Service agents to talk to the neighbors, and the FBI even investigated them.  By 2017 the FBI developed a “relationship” with these neighbors who know about my secrets.  So when I complained to the President, Director Comey was fired for “leaking classified information” (not the Russia Scandal so popular in the Media / Public) on my birthday, as a “present” from Trump. 

Now the person who bribed the FBI made a full confession and died the same day unknown to me at the time, but his family persisted in espionage and invasion of my privacy since then.  That person had guns and probably got himself into an argument or something that night.  The classified information was about the proceeds from my stolen novel (Eye of the Pharaoh) which the FBI was safeguarding up until 2005, as it was found selling on the Black Market by 1998 (when I was informed by an agent) and anything I told them to purchase on my behalf with it.  The secrets also contained information about my family, friends, College work, Medical Records, etc.  When Pres. Trump mentioned Comey was “leaking classified information” in 2017 this is what he meant.  This is separate from the Presidential Election and the Russian involvement in that event.  The neighbor’s relative said in my presence, “That’s the last time you buy secrets, that’s $30, 000 Thirty Thousand Dollars!” And the dossier on me was in a clear plastic bag being held by a child and the adult said “be careful with that, it cost me $30,000.”  This is not on Public Record.  This is not a “delusion” or “imagined.”  

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