Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Actual Weighing of Souls in Duat...

The actual Weighing of Souls in Duat
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When you are alive on Earth certain actions are given a specific weight, so by the time your body is deceased, your Soul or Spirit is drawn to a Dimension based on its weight.  There is an Abyss that borders the Egyptian Netherworld and Earth, with fiery lava on its bottom.  The Egyptian Netherworld is this Parallel Dimension that you can access during sleep.  This was discovered since Ancient Egypt.  Gravity will pull you down into the Abyss if your Spirit/Soul is “too heavy with sin.”  The idea is personified by the Court Room of Lord Osiris, the King of the Egyptian Netherworld called Duat.  The Abyss inspired Christian and Islamic Hell.  Souls or Spirits that fall into the Lava are instantly destroyed.  There is no “Eternal Damnation” in Hell – the Ancients didn’t have a word for Permanence so they called it Eternal.  You can see this Abyss when traveling across it to Duat during sleep; you can visit the Duat by thinking about it prior to sleep, such as drawing or writing in your Amduat or “Book of the Dead.”  By thinking about someone or a place before sleep, your soul/spirit is directed there, as in Modern Astral Travel.  The Abyss is like a Moat surrounding Heaven, to keep Evil Spirits out.  Religion tells you where to go after death.  Atheists probably become Ghosts.  Criminals and Evil People (Human Souls only) do not make it across the Abyss and “die their second death.”  The idea of Morality keeps you “light weight” like an Ostrich Feather of Ma’at.  Religion is the modern vehicle of this process.  Good actions make your Spirit/Soul “light as a feather.”  

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