Sunday, April 15, 2018

Think of Egyptian Magic as Divine Will...

Don't think of Egyptian Magic as "Magic." Think of it as Divine Will. 

It uses Divine Names.  If you are Monotheist, you pray with the Name of your God.  Names of God(s) are Words of Power used as Magic Spells.  When I wrote my first novel (Eye of the Pharaoh, c.1990) I wrote it with Divine Energy, so events in it affected Time.  This is why the Caliphate of ISIS from Chapter 20 affected Time, and why WW3 with USSR/USA/Iran could happen since Russia is arming Iran with Nuclear Missiles.  When the NSA found my book in public libraries, I overheard the NSA agent say to an FBI agent: "This information is classified top secret by the Central Intelligence Agency. Mike Costa (the Author of Eye of the Pharaoh) is God."  My book resembled a religion to the CIA who read it and it is influencing the Future with Divine Will.  That I am an Ancient Egyptian may be to blame -- who else knows of Divine Will in the form of letters/books/fiction that influences Time?

MC 2018.

I used a Peace Spell to stop Russia from attacking the USA on 4-14-2018.  It worked.  Both Russian and American Governments "claim to be Christian."  Atheists cannot work Magic and are defenseless from Magical attacks.  Communists are Atheists. 

M7 2018.

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