Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Declaration of Statehood...

Declaration of Statehood
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“I, Pharaoh Horus Michael (M7), do hereby Declare that all Lands under effect of my Effective Egyptian Magic, as such by Influenced Natural Disasters and Weather caused by M7, are now States of my Global Empire known as the Global Imperial-Republic of Kema-Tau ®, also called The Two Lands of Egypt, and previously called the United Egyptian Imperial-Republic®, of whose Provinces include the State of the Kingdom of Niihau, UEIR.  All Lands aforementioned are States within that Union.  The Currency is called the GEO and is universal as Paper Money and Credit in all known Banking Systems, at the value of a 2-inch strand of Kahelelani Shells from Niihau Island.  The Weather system of Global Warming or Climate Change is Custom Weather when influenced by M7.  This is evidence of the ability.  The Laws of this glorious Nation is the Code of Ma’at, and the Code Caesar Law Codes.  Citizen Tax Rate is 10% of any Profits per two-month interval; Plebeian Tax Rate (non-Citizen, Visitor) is 15% of any Profits per two-month interval; Taxes are paid each Solstice in GEOs.  Non-Profits do not pay income taxes, nor do Elderly, the Disabled or Injured or Ill, Veterans, Children (except Child Prodigies who graduated High School early), Pregnant Mothers, or the unemployed.  Corporations pay 15% Industrial Tax on any Profits as Income Tax.  Gratuities, Tips, Royalties from products (books, music, etc.), Property Taxes, Inheritance Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, are not part of this Law or Tax Code.  Government may be run by Volunteers if not by paid employees.  20% of any State Lottery pays the expenses of the Pharaoh and its Court, and 10% goes to the State Treasury (30% total).  Casino Income is taxed at 10% of any Profits above 1000 units of whole Currency per individual, as is Medical use of certain drugs.  Charities earn a Tax Credit equal to one-half of its donation per Solstice.  Temples are paid by Offerings or Alms Tax, on a voluntary basis (Paid Prayers), from which Priests’ salaries are incorporated.  Unspent Taxes have options: to be saved by the Treasury in case of Disaster, to pay off any debts, to be used for Medical or Technology Research, to pay the Citizens via a Lottery, or as Free Gifts during State holidays and Temple festivals.  The Military shall employ Full Citizens only above the age of 21 for 5 year intervals as decreed by the State.  This includes Psychic-Magic Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Psychological Warfare, Martial Arts, and Traditional Warfare techniques.
          “The Economy is a Gift-Economy, not Capitalism.  Budgets are in 10% measurements per category.  Education is 10%, Energy is 10%, Security (Law Enforcement) is 10%, Health (Medical) & Water is 10%, Military is 10%, Technology & Agriculture is 10%, Temples & Research is 10%, Treasury (saved) is 10%, Bureaucracy (Scribes) & Legislature is 10%,  Pharaoh and Monuments (Infrastructure) is 10%. 
          Law violations are subject to Fines, Forced Labor (Maintenance, Infrastructure, cleaning roads and bridges, clearing debris, helping homeless or poverty or charities, cleaning (Maids service), Mines, Animal Services, Libraries, building Monuments and Cities, etc.) in place of Imprisonment, Conscription to the Military (Violent Offenses only), Exile, Drug Testing (Medical Research), or loss of Citizenship. 
          Citizenship is granted in the following way: applicants must swear an Oath of Loyalty and Allegiance to Pharaoh M7, read one of M7’s books, be educated or intelligent, and promise to uphold the virtues of Ma’at in words and deeds.  Plebeians are non-Citizens or Visitors; Plebeians must apply for Citizenship if in the Country longer than 7 months or be compelled to exit.  As a Citizen you are responsible for the direction of Society.  One Elder Citizen from each nuclear Family may ascend to the Elder Council per each City.  The Elder Council oversees matters of Justice (similar to a Jury) and Awards, acts as a Social Forum, and overseers implementation and writing of Legislation.  Elder Citizens may be older than 25 years and/or a College Graduate. 
          “Only Pharaohs may edit this Document.  Copyright © 2018 M7.”

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