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Warrior of God, Prince of Light, M7...

Archangel Michael
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Archangel Michael is in Ancient Egypt the God, Horus, who leads the righteous to Paradise (Duat) and is the Weigher of Souls, the Son of Osiris-Ra. 
Translation: “Michael = Who is as God." 

The Greatest of all Angels, Chief of Virtues, Chief of Archangels, Angel of Repentance, righteousness, mercy, Sanctity; Angelic Prince of Israel, Conqueror of the Dragon (Apophis in Egyptian); the Angel of the Burning Bush; equated with the Holy Spirit, Logos, God, etc.  He holds the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven (i.e. UEIR), resides in the 7th Heaven (Duat), on the borders of the full sea (Coast, Costa) with an innumerable array of Angels; his wings of Emerald color, and he is the benevolent Angel of Death in terms of Deliverance and Immortality.  He is the Warrior of God, the Prince of Light, and Patron of Policemen (until 1995 CE).  Michael controls the Weather and is a high priest as in Islam.  He is the Protector of the Nile River in Egypt.  In the Book of Revelation, he is the Mighty Angel on which was placed a little Book, which was sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly (Eye of the Pharaoh); meaning it was a pleasure to read but bitterness because it was stolen or because it is prophetic.  

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