Thursday, April 12, 2018

Portable Pharaoh Magic

Portable Pharaoh Magic: Effective Egyptian Magic for Travelers by Horus Michael. Copyright 2018 Horus Michael, All rights reserved. 

        Ideal for when you are on vacation or traveling away from home, this slim book on Effective Egyptian Magic can fit inside your luggage and give you peace of mind that you can still influence your environment. Effective Egyptian Magic is "Telepathic Mind Control" - you can project thoughts by focusing and concentration to anyone in your Area of Effect (your Microcosm) such as yourself, your neighborhood, city or country. Within a short span of Time, usually + 1 week on average, you can attract Wealth, Inspiration of ideas, Healing, relationships, protection, or use it for Counter Magic in case you feel a Psychic or Magical attack. The simple method is to insert a Divine Name (Word of Power) into an underlined blank as part of the Magical Invocation or prayer, and the target, with the goal or intention. Included is a list of Divine Names and following are the Spells to be implemented.

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