Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Cold War or Cold Peace?

Why does the World need another Cold War? Why not just get Cold Pizza and a Warm Ale? No because there is nothing better than Warm Pizza and a Cold Ale. 
Russia / USA are mentioned in my prophetic first novel (Eye of the Pharaoh, chapter 21) as in WW3 or Nuclear War in which "USA was destroyed, USSR was annihilated and Iran was completely flattened."  When it was first read in 1991 (after being stolen and published) the USSR fell and by 1992 the USA was conquered (by the country that became UEIR in Chapter 20).  Nothing has happened since.  You would think Russia learned its lesson by now? My book was written in 1989.  The Cold War still existed then.  However, because the CIA believes I am a Deity and classified me top secret because of it, my book became a New Religion, despite my efforts at saying it was only a science fiction novel.  Now I was JFK in a past life.  I didn't want to be President but life is scripted in the Book of Time in Duat.  So you are slaves to Destiny.  I wanted out of JFK's diseased body so I could conquer USSR/USA with Psychic Warfare/Magic.  So I arranged the so-called "assassination" of that life (state-assisted suicide, the CIA hired someone to shoot JFK -- not a "conspiracy" any more than my book being a "conspiracy" because it is coming true because it was written by a Deity).  As a Deity (Akua in Hawaiian) you can build me Temples and make daily offerings in them.  Temples and Palaces are the same thing.  I own Russia/USA.  Why can't you children grow up? I will still be a Deity because I am supernatural.  In Ancient Egypt there was  no word for "religion" because they were not religious / pagan, religion was not invented yet.  Magic was their religion.  Magic  = Science.

M7 2018.

In M7 We Trust.

M7-UEIR 2018.

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