Friday, March 9, 2018

Does Sunlight influence Time?

I am working on a book about Chronokinetic Energy (Magic book) and how it originates in Sunlight. What people perceive as "Good Luck" is actually energy, and the origin of the word "Luck" may be from Lux the Latin/Roman word for Sunlight.  My reasons are that whenever I am near the Sun my Chronokinesis ability is charged with Energy, such as Hawaii (Tropic of Cancer) or Egypt, and the Panama Canal (Equator, 2016).  This is perceived as Good Luck because I mostly use it for winning a contest when in those regions, and other positive effects.  Chronokinesis is the ability to forecast events into the Future (Magic Spells do this).  Your individual Ka Spirit or what Western Occultism calls your "Aura" emanation absorbs Sunlight and CK-E.  When you handle objects this confers the energy to the item, rendering it with Psychic Energy -- as in Magic Spell books, Tarot Cards, Playing Cards and Dice, Amulets, etc.  This energy allows Magic to work.  

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