Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Where is my Kingdom?


People often ask me: “If you are a King, where is your Kingdom?”

It’s not on Niihau Island.  Niihau was the first location for the United Nations Building, before its current site.  This was because Niihau is neutral.  My Kingdom was discovered in 1993 and has been classified top secret since then.  So where is it?  

The Supreme Eternal Pharaoh of the United States of America = SEPUSA;

Democracies do not usually have Kings, but I am the exception. 

I rule the USA via my skill in Egyptian Magic – Telepathic Mind Control and Elemental / Chronokinetic abilities.  I have a full plate because of this, always new challenges present themselves.  People say I am “a classified billionaire.”  Where is this coming from? Public dissemination of Government Secrets; but what is it for? UEIR Taxes is what it is from.  The UEIR is my country, not the “Illuminati” or other theories. 

There are some who regard themselves as “enemies” on the psychic level, who feel “threatened” by my presence or because I use Egyptian Magic to uphold Ma’at; a real Egyptian Pharaoh is such a “threat” to their ignorance. 
The USA has been marketing all of this for the past 25 years.  

I think it’s about time they receive their due share – Presidents who fail in their duties are not the real power of Government.  I am less a figurehead than that.  

Have you used my Trade Tariff Magic Spell lately?


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