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Why I am not the Antichrist...

For those who believe I am the Antichrist, you are Wrong:
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Myth: Eye of the Pharaoh is a true-story.
Fact: When the First Publisher (Karen Iklan-Weill) unlawfully obtained a photocopy of my First Novel in 1991 she published it as a true-story by 1992, without telling me that she was doing so.  All I let her do was borrow the book in 1991.  She never told me she photocopied it, and it was a shock and surprise when I discovered this Crime in 1993-1994 via Word of Mouth / Public Dissemination (Gossip) at College.  She also never intended to pay me for it, saying “Writers don’t make that much money anyways (because Publishers keep 80% of all proceeds).”  She called herself “my publisher” until I alerted the Public on January 17, 1994 on SFNET BBS.  One week later I was diagnosed with a Mental Illness related to Paranoia because the Doctors did not believe me.  My book is Science Fiction (it was published as being Fantasy by / 1st Books Library in 1999-2001).  It even says the book is Science Fiction by Chapter 19. 

Myth: Why does the book say You are the Opponent of Jesus Christ?
Fact: Jesus Christ is a biblical Character.  In my book, he is a Traitor to the Egyptian Gods for stealing our culture and making a religion from it, and for destroying the program of the Earth.  My book said in First Person Narrator “my opponent Jesus” not Christ – there are many Christs besides Jesus.  A Christ is someone buried in a tomb using the Egyptian word QRST; Jesus had a tomb but it is empty.  This is because that is the wrong tomb.  It is empty because he resurrected, or empty because he is a Biblical Character and the tomb is like a Movie Prop.  Universal Studios is like a Jerusalem in my opinion.  Most of Christian doctrine data originated in Ancient Egypt.  In my book I compared him to Akhenaton.  Now the Jews knew their religion is fictional and were surprised to learn that Jesus claims to be the Son of their God, or was the “Word of God made into Flesh.”  In Egypt Sons of God were the Pharaohs.  And I am a Pharaoh. The Jews believed Jesus was insane and that is why he was crucified.  

Myth: American Psychic Jeane Dixon said you are the Antichrist.
Fact: Jeane Dixon said a lot of things most of which are disproven.  She predicted that Tutankhamon would be alive again and make a New Atonism religion (Monotheism), and the existence of the Internet / USA Marketing UEIR, and about my Power of Chronokinesis.  That’s about it.  

Myth: People believe you are the Antichrist because you practice Magic and conquered the World with it.
Fact: The Messiah does that.  It is called Liberation.  Jesus was not a Liberator, so he is not the Messiah – so he is called Christ because he was buried in a tomb. Jesus was expected to Liberate Judea from Rome.  He didn’t.  I liberated Kuwait from Iraq in 1991 via compelling the USA Government to intervene.  I also liberated the USA from Pres. GHW Bush, the USSR from Communism, and Iraq-Syria from the Caliphate (ongoing).  One of my Gods is AmonRa the God of Liberation.  You call it “Amen” in Christian prayer.

Myth: Why then are you so Christ-Like?
Fact: The first publisher published my book only because I resurrected at age 3.  She was responsible for my early demise when she was not paying attention to me while watching her television as my babysitter, in which she was standing on my head.  I awoke in the Egyptian Netherworld.  They said I was dead. I returned to my body and saw this.  As there were no witnesses I entered my lifeless body and “jump started it” with energy, she must have felt it because she walked off and was cured of partial deafness.  Now on early childhood photos that my Paternal Grandmother had once, my nose was bent to one side of my face – this action corrected that so all my later photos showed me with a straight nose.  The photo Karen took of me that day was after my resurrection, with my Shirt from Marine World Africa-USA, showing me resting on her carpeted floor.  I was Baptized twice, once by a priest and once in a swimming pool (the second time made me noticeably Clairaudient to other people).  I also influence the elements.

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