Friday, March 16, 2018

Why does Sunlight influence Time?

There are many components to Sunlight than just light.  You have Infra-Red light, UV rays, X-Rays, Microwaves, Gamma Waves, & among them Chronokinetic Energy (detectable with Emeraldium or a person with Chronokinesis - M7).  

So how does this influence Time?  

Time is the sequence of events in a cycle, such as Past / Present / Future.  Chronokinesis influences the Future Time mostly via willing or projecting an event ahead of Time.  When you roll Dice in your hands and call out a number ("7") and the Dice lands on that number, then you successfully manipulated Time - you changed the Future via willing it.  Now apply this skill to other situations.  Say the Weather is going to Rain all week - so you will Sunlight by going outside while willing or thinking about the Egyptian Sun God Ra.  Then the storm clears up - Magically.  I did this while in College in between classes so as to avoid getting wet while walking.  

Time Particles are Chronokinetic Energy, whatever this is called in Science, and is influenced by Hydrogen which is found in both Sunlight (91%) and Water (H2O).   

When you roll Dice you are handling the object, applying stored CK-E onto the Dice so as to energize the outcome of the roll.  The same is applied to Egyptian Idols (hence idol worship), Magic books (energy for spells), Tarot / Playing Cards & Dice, Amulets (protective), etc.  

M7 2018.

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