Friday, March 16, 2018

Robots vs. Souls, Which one are you?

Robots vs. Souls, Which one are you?
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The difference between Robots and People is that Robots do not have Souls.  Now if Atheists do not accept the existence of their own Soul, then why not just “Legalize Murder” because you are then not killing anything real? When Robots are destroyed no one goes to Prison for Murder.  Robots AI is saved on file somewhere and a new Robot can easily be replaced (the same with Clones).  People made into Soldiers in the USA Military are broken down to their basic responses so they are like Robots who obey orders without the interference of an independent Intellect.  It is like they are without a Soul, without individuality.  Well think about it.  Nature has an Intelligence behind it.  Someone created it long ago.  Why is blood red (so it is visible)? Why is grass green (blue sky represents water, and a perceived yellow Sun equals green Chlorophyll)? Why do you have Instinct (a core program)? Why is God a Computer in Duat that controls everything and that programmers on Earth are like Prophets, telling it what to do via Willpower? 

You are not a Robot.  You are a Soul in a body.  You cannot Clone Souls.  


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