Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Abuse of Magic or Divine Will

Magic Abuse:

Whenever I use a written Magic Spell - like "attracting Money, Stocks, Bonds, or Wealth" - and I leave it activated longer than necessary, the spell will invert or do the opposite. On Monday 2/5/2018 the NYSE was affected.  Last week I used the Spell in Sakhmet's Magic Spells book and the NYSE was over 26,000 points.  On Monday (after it crashed) as soon as I deactivated the spell, the NYSE rebound its value.  To activate/deactivate the spell is simple: I placed a paper touching the spell and closed the book on it.  To deactivate, I removed the paper.  The Egyptian Gods do not like being the servant to the Living.  You are lucky it works at all. 

This effect also works with Novels, like with Eye of the Pharaoh (Chapter 18 affects neighbors who like suing people unlawfully); Chapters work when read by the Living. 

M7 2018.

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