Tuesday, February 6, 2018


The Colors of Ancient Egypt are: Black / White / Red.

The reason is ethnicity.  Egypt began as Black, whom were Conquered by the Red (i.e. Horus Narmer) and later by the White (Hyksos, Greece, Persia, etc.).  The Red moved West to America.  The White lingered and the Black remained pushed back into the South as Nubia and Kush.  If you look at the ethnic colors of the Americas what do you find? All of the Americas are Red - from North to South and Central America.  Some Black essence exists also in Central America.  The White invaded this area in the form of the "bearded, blue-eyed White man from the East" called Quetzalcoatl or the "plumed serpent."  His description strongly resembles Osiris, whom was White with blue eyes.  Asians or "Yellow" are not found in Egypt, except as Female Egyptians.  Colors attributed to Ethnicity are a Modern Invention.  The Ancient Egyptians always painted their skin as Red not Black or White unless these are Foreigners to Egypt, as since Egypt was Constantly Invaded!

M7 2018.

Egyptology tells you Black is for Nile Mud (KHEMT) and Red is for Desert.  What is White? Is there white sand in Egypt or limestone color? Is America the country of Punt which lay to the West, the Ancient Origin of Egypt? Did Pharaoh Hatshepsut send boats to the Americas to trade with them?  Is America Atlantis?

This is in response to people on social media complaining about how Europe has "white-washed Egypt."  Since Napoleon (M7) invaded Egypt and began Egyptology, the study has been by mostly Europeans. 

M7 2018.

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