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origins of Judeo-Christian religion

Origins of Judeo-Christianity in World Mythology
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Hel (Hell) = Scandinavian = the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angerboda.  Hel was the Goddess of Death and Queen of the realm of the Dead.  She lived under the roots of Yggdrasil the Sacred Ash tree.

Sin = Assyrian Babylonian = an early Moon God, son of Enlil and husband of Ningal.  Sin’s bright light protected against evil forces at night.  

Sata or Sati (Satan) = Egyptian = A serpent that lived in Amenti and preyed on the dead, from Chapter 87 of the Book of the Dead where the Soul transforms into him.

Garden of Eden = Egyptian = the Garden of Aton, or Temple of Aton the Sun god of Akhenaton.  Egyptian Temples took the form of Gardens with pillars shaped like plants or flowers supporting a star-studded ceiling and the entrance pylons that represented the horizon.

The Tree of Life = Egyptian = the Djed Pillar, or Tree that Osiris’s body was discovered inside of and was cut down for use as a pillar. 

QRST (Christ) = Egyptian = QRST was the word for Burial in Egyptian language.  In Greek it is spelled as Christos.  A QRST is a human sacrificed for the tomb.

Jesus (Iesus) = Egyptian = Iesesi Djed-Ka-Ra, a 5th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh.  His Vizier was Ptah-hotep who wrote Egyptian wisdom.   Djed-Ka-Ra (Holy Trinity: Djed (Christ/Son), Ka (Holy Spirit), Ra (Father) raided Nubia and Asia for gold and incense.  His pyramid is in Saqqara, Egypt. 

Moses = Egyptian = Probably (Prince) Thut-Moses 5, son of Amonhotep 3 Nebmaatra who “died” before Akhenaton became Pharaoh, or was exiled (same thing) and his name was purged from the word Thoth according to orders from Akhenaton; or for Ahmoses the Theban Prince who expelled the Hyksos from Egypt at the start of the 18th Dynasty.  

Mary & Joseph = Egyptian = Abbreviated or Fragmented names of Egyptian royalty in the end of the 18th Dynasty Egypt: Mery(t)-(Aton), Djos(er)-Khep(eru) (Smenkhkara), the parents or adopted parents of Tutankhamon (The Egyptian Christ/QRST).  

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