Friday, February 23, 2018

On Celebrity Stalkers

Celebrity Stalkers
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Almost one in every Celebrity has encountered some form of extreme Fan or Stalker in their career.  They trespass on property, collect information, steal things, enter the Celebrity’s home or yard, wear their clothing, follow the Celebrity, gossip about their victim, telephone or send emails, or conspire against their victim.   Some Stalkers even kill their victim or become violent or hostile when confronted.  Most have some form of Mental Illness or Disability to motivate them.  

In the 1990s (when I was attending College and under the effects of Mental Illness medication) I encountered Stalkers following the premature release of my novel, Eye of the Pharaoh ©1990-1995 via a Psychologist who believed the novel was real.  Females whom I never met followed me around Campus, visited my home, telephoned me, or didn’t say anything when the phone was answered.  One eventually stalked me full time after 2003.  She was a neighbor and lived over the fence where her stalking attempts had a close base of operations.  She entered our back yard via the fence so she didn’t need to exit out the front.  Evidence was found on the ground (thanks to my Degree in Archaeology) like chewed gum, toys, nut shells, a key, foot prints, etc.  She vandalized our mail box with a crude heart shape with my initials and her initials in purple ink.  She untied our clothes line and once stole a personalized shirt I designed.  She threw a plastic bag containing vegetables at our back door one night.  She sent sexually explicit Playboy catalogs or female clothing catalogs or emails to me (and the infamous Babe! Email bots).  She called me up on the telephone and spoke in rambling confusion or said nothing at all.  She entered our side yard and said “Hello!” when I turned on a bedroom light at night.   She parked her black SUV car out front waiting for me to exit, several times and with an accomplice.  When I was driving about the neighborhood I saw this car in her driveway once with her standing there, arms folded.  At first she just cased our block looking at me; this was following some book marketing on my part.  Later I had other neighbors (Arab Family) stalk me.  They collected information on me, my family, my assets (real or imagined), my medical and Bank records, and spread gossip once acquiring this knowledge.  The gossip spread everywhere I went, including a Cruise to Panama Canal in 2016 via the San Francisco Bay Area, where everyone on board was talking about me.  This doesn’t help my Paranoia.  

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