Monday, February 26, 2018

The UEIR is not the Arab Republic of Egypt

The UEIR is not the Arab Occupation of Egypt
Copyright © M7 2018

When you think of Egypt what comes to mind? Pyramids, Mummies, Amulets of precious stones, or Tutankhamon?  The others are Camel Racing, Arabs, Water Pipes, Brass Bowls in crowded Markets, or Coptic Churches and Islamic Mosques.  We, the UEIR, are the First Set of Ideas.  We are not the Arab Republic of Egypt, we are the United Egyptian Imperial-Republic , the rightful heirs of the Pharaonic Culture and owners of all things or artifacts of “Ancient” Egypt.  The Arabs want to “Copyright the Pyramids” because tourists photographed it too many times, and the Arabs are not making much money selling tourist trinkets or visiting the Country – Our Country.  We built the Pyramids.  We made Mummies; it is Our Dead being desecrated in every Archaeological discovery or tomb raiding by locals digging in their basements.  It is Our People whom some moderns from Africa want to claim as “their cultural identity” because of Internet Propaganda brainwashing and cultural theft.  It is Our Egypt being robbed by Antiquities Ministers who want to control exports of Egyptian Monuments for tourism, not “theirs” just because they live in Egypt or claim descent from our Farmers.  We wouldn’t be bothering to buy up Hawaiian Islands if we had access to Egypt itself ($90Billion Dollars later).  Most of Egypt exists in World Museums.  The painted Temples, Columns, Tombs are no longer painted; they are dirty, plain looking, and subject to people invading them daily.  Purge Egypt from the Arabs & Muslims and other foreigners and replace it with Our People.  Our People colonized America, both Ancient and Modern.  Our culture is even on the American Great Seal of USA.  When the tombs are raided and people awaken us by calling our names, we return here.  This is not some Psychological theory or theory of Relativity; this is Fact.  Taxes owed the UEIR may go towards construction of UEIR Cities not presently in Egypt itself – due to over-construction in Ancient Times, there is limited space for this.  This may resemble a theme park once completed.  

Copyright © Pharaoh M7, United Egyptian Imperial-Republic, 2018;  Kingdom of Niihau, UEIR.

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