Monday, February 5, 2018

Pharaoh Jesus Christ et al

Pharaoh Jesus Christ
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In Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs wanted continuity in their Dynasties.  So they either claimed descent from the last King or claimed Divine-Supernatural Right if not. General Horemhab claimed direct descent from Amonhotep 3 Nebmaatra, ignoring all of the Pharaohs like Akhenaton or Tutankhamon in between.  Queen Hatshepsut claimed Divine Right as the Daughter of Amun-Ra, rather than from a Pharaoh of the Thutmose Line. Divine Right usually means one is Supernatural or a child of a God.  

Jesus of Nazareth first claimed Direct Descent from the Israelite King David, and then when that didn’t work he claimed Divine Right as a Son of God. The only Pharaoh who has the Trinity in his name (Father/Son or Christ/Holy Spirit) and the name of Jesus in Latin (Roman), was Pharaoh Djed-Ka-Ra Iesesi of the 5th Dynasty of the Pyramid-Building Old Kingdom era of Ancient Egypt.  He was buried in a tomb so he was called QRST or Christ (in Greek “Christos”).  Jesus is spelled Iesus in Latin.

Pharaoh M7 first claimed Direct Descent from the Last King of Egypt (King Farouk) before becoming Supernatural / Divine Right.  Continuity is important because it continues the flow of Divine Blood from the First King Horus Narmer to the current Pharaoh Horus Michael M7.  

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