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Akualand Excerpt

 Akualand - Excerpt:

Chapter 1: Akualand Basics

Akualand - Niihau * Lanai * Molokai * Kauai
by: Horus Michael (Pharaoh M7).

This is a prototype Government project involving the Pacific Islands listed.  It is an Imperial-Republic containing several Kingdoms (Islands).  Also included are chapters dedicated to comprehending Egyptian Magic systems (Heka-Physics). As this is a prototype, nothing is as yet built (Jan. 2018). Copyright 2018 Horus Michael, All rights reserved.  (Not Exactly "1984")...

Copyright © 2017 MJC/ M7, All rights reserved.

          Each Citizen will be recorded by the State.  The State will have a DNA Genetic Database on all Citizens for identity purposes, and to track criminals entering or leaving the country.  The Department of Health will advise Citizens using their DNA samples, as obtained by the mouth using cheek cells or blood sample.  Each Citizen will have their PIN or Personal Identification Number encoded on all passports, licenses, or health care documents.  Their Banking information will be connected to this PIN number, so the State has correct information for Tax purposes only.  This will eliminate the need for Tax preparation or asking how much tax one owes the State.  Citizens can still keep their money in cash form or other financial institutions, such as Time Banks or Barternotes. 
          Anyone who steals another’s identity will not be able to verify their identity once Genetic sampling occurs.  The PIN number is on Citizen Universal Passes, which acts as a passport to all developed Nations and for basic identity in the country. 

          Drugs used as pain medicine which is illegally produced and sold by criminals, will be legalized to remove the criminal element and regulated by the State for revenue.  Recreational usage will be allowed in sealed hotel-styled buildings away from Citizens, with entrance fees or a subscription.  Citizens who use these drugs must be completely sober upon leaving the sealed buildings with a required Health Examination.
          Homelessness will not be a crime.  Public facilities will be constructed and enforced by paid or volunteer employment, such as Free Health Care, Bath houses, Hotels, Thrift Stores, Libraries and Museums, Schools or Distant-learning Colleges, and Job placement in this system. 
          Companies may be owned by the State for revenue, with tax-exemption of its employees and CEO.  All other companies are taxed at a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 15% monthly income as revenue to the State, except for non-income earning or “volunteer” non-profit companies.  When the economy improves this amount is reduced. 

          Violent criminals such as Gangs or religious or political extremists will be given to work for the Military to test products, in place of prison.  Non-violent criminals such as driving violations, tax evasion, sex crimes, or technology related crimes will work for the Department of Rehabilitation, not to prison.  Prisons will exist only for POWs (Prisoners of War), spies, police who commit crimes against Citizens, and the like.  This should reduce tax burdens for the country.  As all Citizens have DNA recorded, the prisoners or criminals cannot “go anywhere.”
          Citizen Tax rate is 10% Monthly taxable income, or up to 30% Annual taxable income; these are only maximums allowed by Law, and may be reduced when the economy is strong or without debts.  Minimum is 1% Monthly income per Citizen above age 17, except child prodigies who graduate college early. 
          Taxable Income: gifts above minimum threshold amount (In 2017, it is $2000+ USD per month), salaries, book or music royalties, sales of new products (not used products), sales from recycled materials, technology stocks, Energy sales (includes solar or wind surpluses), gambling income higher than played with, products, services, farming, Art, Science surplus or research, etc. 
          State Lotteries: only taxable amount is 5% of winnings from Annuity, or 10% of lump sum winnings.  Tips or donations are considered gifts.  Elders above age 55, unemployed, handicapped or disabled, non-prodigy children under the age of 19 years, College students, hospitalized or institutionalized Citizens, Pharaohs and their Courts, Temples, Military Veterans, and non-profit groups are exempt from normal taxes.  Non-Citizens may be subject to Taxes after 1 month of residency.
          Unused revenue will be recycled to pay debts, kept in the Treasury until needed, or paid for reconstruction of domestic cities following any Natural Disaster or other event. 
          Education will limit exposure to unrelated information or knowledge, except for extra credit papers.  This will reduce crime and prevent individuals from joining extremist political, technological or religious groups like terrorists or other groups.  This includes propaganda videos to recruit criminals or terrorists (as in 2017 CE).  The Internet access will be regulated for anyone under the Age of Reason and Responsibility.  This is for their protection. 

          Foreign nations who require Aid are subject to State compensation following such Aid, from 5% to 10% value of said Aid, after it is successful in the Nation; whoever asks our Government for Economic, Political, Military, Religious/Magical or Civil Assistance is indebted unto us at least one month afterwards.  This debt may be used to reduce any Trade Tariffs or act as credit with any trade coming from them.  This aid includes Divine Intervention. 
          Farms are to be owned or regulated by the State, and may exist inside large Greenhouses, multi-level buildings in place of land when such land is scarce.  These interior farms are powered by solar or wind energy to power sun lamps and irrigation, etc.  Wells or water towers shall supply local water.  Recycled water from sanitation may also be helpful in this.  Farm animals shall be well-treated and their products not priced higher than any other product. 
          If a space station or Lunar/Planetary Base is acceptable, asteroid mining will supply the State for minerals.  40% of asteroid mining revenue will go to the Department of Travel, Immigration, and Space Exploration.  The other 60% will be individual revenue only. 


          Citizens who can use Egyptian Magic for “Psychic/Magical Warfare” will assist the Military against any opposition or political enemies of the State.  Literacy is important for this as Egyptian Magic currently exists in Magic Spell books.  The Spells incorporate ideas from Egyptian Polytheist Names (i.e. Deity Names when read or invoked cause events). 
          Military training: [Required Data]: Mastery of Defensive and Offensive (& Weapons training) Martial Arts, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Survival training, First Aid, Technology training, with optional Military or Cultural History.  This occurs in a Military College.  Mercenaries are optional. 
          Drones, AI, and machines may eventually replace ground troops and other human soldiers, with technicians as a solution.  The UEIR shall build or retain a “Drone Factory” to build this new army. Drones will carry a mini-factory to create smaller Drones in a Military Zone.  These can help as spies, explosive devices, targeted assassination, weather forecast, or other uses.
          Crimes will not be “stackable” – when a person commits one crime once, then the same crime 10x times later, the first crime will count and the other 10x will not require separate Court trials.  Numeration may input a number for punishment such as 10x instances of flogging or public humiliation per crime committed. 
          Laws may be edited in description when necessary (“Loitering = Lollygagging”; i.e. Wandering), and may not exist as a Vendetta against a person or group, and Over-legislation (too many laws limiting Freedoms) will be illegal.  Over Punishment for one crime or “Stacked crimes” is also illegal; so no “life sentence plus 300 years in prison.”  Laws must be written with Ma’at (Egyptian Legal Philosophy) in English & Hawaiian. 
          The State Budget will be in percentages of 10% per subject category.  Military will be listed as “Security.”  Infrastructure contains roads and bridges, retaining walls and aqueducts, airports and seaports, warehouses, cemeteries, environmental conditions, weather stations, homeless shelters, bomb shelters or Natural Disaster storage and shelters, farms, satellites, and weapon deterrents. Education is schools (K-12), colleges and universities, art, libraries and museums, Egyptian Temples, research groups, technology and medical research, technology upgrades, archaeology and history groups, Space Exploration, and the Internet.  Health is First Aid, hospitals and clinics, drug companies (Pharmaceutical), rehabilitation, Mental Health, Contraception, Disease Prevention, clean water and air, Welfare, Social Security, trauma centers, Genetic Modification (Medical Farms), and Medical Colleges.  Energy is Natural Resources, solar/wind/oil/hybrid/coal/etc. Political is for Government Employees salaries, protection, and legislation.  Security (Military) is for soldiers, drones, automatons, vehicles, technology, training, defense, police and Law Enforcement, Judges and Juries, protection, armor and weapons, ammunition, and Counter Intelligence/Counter Terrorism. 

Estimated Budget:
The Treasury receives 10% of each Budget as savings. 
Military-Security: 10%
Infrastructure (Roads, Ports): 10%
Education & Libraries: 10%
Health & Clean Water: 10%
Energy & Farms: 10%
Political (State Employees): 10%
Treasury: 10% (saved)
Monuments: 10% (Pyramids, Temples)
Entertainment & Culture: 5%
Pharaoh’s expenses: 5%
Housing/sanitation/recycling: 5%
Territory Expansion (Real Estate): 5%
          Sanitation includes Environmental protection, and overall cleanliness.  Solid waste may be converted into fertilizer for farming or gardens.  Recycled materials may be exported to factories or used by the local population as raw materials. 

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