Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spending Taxes...

According to US Senator Rand Paul, the USA misspends its Taxes on Waste even though it wants trillions in Tax Revenue on its inflated Budget (via CNN).  This was worse than when M7 was Jack Kennedy.  Follow my Akualand Budget.  (see below).  You don't need a 'study' on useless ideas, or giving cars to the Taliban, or misplace $29M of Military hardware accidentally.  Do you know the expression "Needs come before Wants?"  You are not pressured to spend, spend, spend when the people suffer for lack of wisdom.  You are taxing the Poor into becoming Homeless, the Middle Class into becoming Poor, and who cares about the Rich who just become richer with tax credits?

M7 2018.

Estimated Budget:

The Treasury receives 10% of each Budget as savings. 
Military-Security: 10%
Infrastructure (Roads, Ports): 10%
Education & Libraries: 10%
Health & Clean Water: 10%
Energy & Farms: 10%
Political (State Employees): 10%
Treasury: 10% (saved)
Monuments: 10% (Pyramids, Temples)
Entertainment & Culture: 5%
Pharaoh’s expenses: 5%
Housing/sanitation/recycling: 5%
Territory Expansion (Real Estate): 5%

M7 2018.


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